Dollmar Group Products and Services

Dollmar S.p.A. is an european leader in the distribution of industrial chemicals from more than 60 years. Sixty years of diversifying its business, becoming a group with growing specialist expertise in plenty of industrial sectors.
Thanks to its extensive chemical and technological expertise, the synergic partnership between the Dollmar Group companies allows to meet a wide range of requirements including the supply of chemical products, dedicated equipment, services and consulting.

Dollmar S.p.A : Chemicals for industry
Dollmar Meccanica: Industrial washing plants
EOS: Services and consulting

According to its “Chemistry and Responsibility” motto, Dollmar is always ready to provide quality assurance regarding all the aspects of  its business, adhering to important initiatives and voluntary protocols such as:

  • Responsible Care Program
  • ESAD European Single Assessment Document
  • SET Transport Emergency Service
  • Safe Diluent Program
  • Solvent and Safety Program