New partnership with Arkema

Dollmar is pleased to announce that has defined a distribution agreement with Arkema for Siliporite products (molecular sieves). The range of SILIPORITE products is mainly intended for application in the polyurethane sector. Particularly, products like SILIPORITE SA 1720, SILIPORITE NK 10 and 30 AP, produced in Arkema’ s European plants, find application as dehumidifiers in […]

New requirements use of formaldehyde

In the press release dated May 5 2016 was called the update of the classification of formaldehyde, the substance which was Attributed the danger code H 350 “Can cause cancer” (category 1 B). In particular, the formalities were being recalled that employers are required to carry. It is recalled that the new classification entails the […]

ESAD attestation for Dollmar

Dollmar adheres to ESAD – European Single Assessment Document. It is our pleasure to communicate that following the evaluation of December 2016 Dollmar S.p.A. has successfully renewed the European ESAD – European Single Assessment Document – certified firms. This most important target was reached through an evaluation procedure regarding Quality, Environment and Safety defined by CEFIC (Conseil […]

Nanotechnology-based products for pre cataphoretic treatment

The magazine Industrial Painting dedicates a space to Dollmar nanotechnological products to celebrate 15 years of evolution in metal pretreatment nanotechnology. The Dollcoat product line along with the nanotechnological product nebulizer that replaces the traditional tub turn out to be the optimal mix to slow the corrosive processes and optimize the interaction between the conversion […]

New partnership with Baalbaki Chemicals Industries

Dollmar Group announces a new partnership for the development of technologies in the field of polyurethanes with Baalbaki Chemical Industries, specialty chemicals subsidiary of Lebanese Group Unimetco Holding SAL. For further details download the official press release 

Under construction

  Sono state pubblicate le scadenze aggiornate previste dalla Regione Lombardia per presentare le domande di rinnovo delle autorizzazioni alle emissioni in atmosfera. Data di presentazione della domanda e/o Data dell’autorizzazione Data di presentazione della domanda di rinnovo Fino al 31/12/1988 (ex art. 12 – del d.P.R. n. 203/1988) Entro il 31/12/2011 Dal 01/01/1989 al […]