The mechanical industry requires high performance in metalworking through the use of machine tools such as lathes, boring machines, presses, broaching machines, grinding and their combinations (work centers). In order to maintain high levels of productivity without stopping machines and with few  maintenance works, it is essential to use high-performance lubricants.

Dollmar distributes on the Italian territory the MotulTech oils range for Metalworking.

The cutting oils and the emulsifiable fluids formulated by Motultech allow you to manage the heat dissipation caused by friction between the tool and the metal to handle and the lubrication of the tool itself. It should be emphasized, in fact, that modern machines have high rotational speeds and operating pressures to produce considerable temperatures.

Whole oil from cutting

Mineral based products lines by type of processed and machined metal (mainly chip removal and grinding). Each range has different viscosities and formulations for various production processes.

Features: high stability of additives, extreme pressure resistances without chlorine additions, excellent anti-wear performance, compatibility with degreasers, multi-metal applications.

Emulsifiable fluids

Mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic based products based on the chemical-physical characteristics of the water and the working of the customer. Motultech lubricants are suitable for a wide range of applications and are suitable for all types of metals.

Features: excellent wetting and refrigeration capability, excellent bio-stability, free of formaldehyde and their donors.

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