Dollmar Group and mechanics

industria meccanica

Thanks to its vast culture in chemistry and equipment, Dollmar is able to satisfy a multitude of demands in the chemical and industrial field with an offer that goes from metal washing equipment to the supplying of chemical and surface treatment products.

Dollmar Meccanica closed-cycle equipment which is chosen and appreciated by over one thousand clients in Italy, offers excellent cleaning results in observation of the in force laws regarding environmental emissions. The range of products is composed of solvent-working and aqueous articles.

FINEP plants which are mono-stadium, pluri-stadium and tunnel are built both on the client’s working area or in standard form and consent treatment of pieces with aqueous products both for washing and for preparation for successive painting.

The range is completed by painting equipment and drying ovens.

The attention paid to the environment makes evermore delicate the choices made for the maintenance of the equipment, the processes to use, the impact on the working environment, the emission into the air, water and ground which must be evaluated with the utmost seriousness and competency.

Through EOS services, Dollmar supplies specialists able to offer:

  • Preliminary evaluation support regarding the choice of equipment
  • Preparation of the documentation necessary for the authorization needed for the working of the equipment
  • Analytical chimney testing for solvent equipment (checking of the condition of the equipment) and testing done in the workplace for evaluation of chemical risk factor.
  • Technical assistance for solvent closed-cycle equipment and periodic emission testing (routine analytical tests)
  • Consultancy for the environment and for safety in the workplace
  • Consultancy for correct management of waste and evaluation of the risks of exposure to internal noises, external acoustic impact, safeguarding of air-water-ground with instalment of purifying equipment
  • Supplying of solvent and aqueous products
  • Chemical assistance with periodic checking of work tanks in Dollmar labs

In the faucets field the preparation and finish technologies have always played a central role.

Metal Components
The area of small metal components has different productive issues, depending on the type of material, the processing methods and the requested precision rate.

Precious Metals
The precious metals present themselves “naturally” with a perfect aspect. In reality, for manufacturing these raw materials are used lubricant oils.