Dollmar Lab has experienced the nanotechnology application to the industrial painting, with specific attention to the working reality of every painter.

Thanks to the growing R & D and to the proven experience, Dollmar has formulated different nanotechnological products for the surface conversion. Below the Dollcoat SA line:

Dollcoat SA 115

A nanotechnological passivating product for all metals, perfect for the final passivation of iron, aluminum and zinc. The product allows a perfect passivation pre-cataphoresis, used for example in the production of steel wheels. Dollcoat SA 115 ensures thousand hours of resistance in salt spray: achieved goal with the nanotechnological pretreatment of steel components coated with polyester powder.

Dollcoat SA 119

A product based on non-fluorinated oligomers. It does not contain metal, resin, salt or acid.
The product is used optimally over very hot surfaces (200-450°C). The passivated surfaces are colourless and can be painted immediately without any further processing, guaranteeing an excellent adhesion of the paint. This product is also compatible with every pretreatment process applied after a long exposure in the external environment.

Dollcoat SA 121

The product, QUALICOAT homologated, it is used for the nanotechnological conversion of coils and steel profiles. Among the additional usages, it is used also for aluminum castings.

Dollcoat SA 113

It is an “anti-finger/easy to clean” product for all metal types, characterized by a minimal surface tension and a high resistance against abrasion. Dollcoat SA 113 is used in different sectors, from mechanics to fittings, from automotive to architecture.

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