The team of experts of EOS division applies and follows up with serious and constant updating Italian and European normatives regarding safety and protection of the environment.

EOS pays particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Permission for plants installation

Guidelines to follow when installing a new system to protect the environment and operators.

  • Management of the chemical risk

Toxicity, possible carcinogenicity of substances and preparations involved with regard to chemical risk assessment and exposure limits for workers.

  • Atmospheric emissions

Set of technical and administrative procedures necessary for the achievement of permits for emissions into the atmosphere, conformity assessment of emission limits than the current regulations, signs of techniques to reduce emissions, analytical methods for the implementation of controls.

  • Ozone damaging substances

Uses, times, disposal, and replacement of all the limitations in the use of products dictated by national and Community legislation.

  • Labelling

Meaning of signs of danger and information regarding the risks associated with the use of dangerous substances and preparations.

  • Safety Data Sheets

Reading, comprehension, update of safety data sheets, requirements for communications Institute of Health (for producers of preparations).

  • Internal noise/Vibrations

Assessment of the level of exposure of workers at the workplace and the obligations of the employer.

  • Waste disposals

Operational guidelines for the disposal of hazardous waste (eg. chemical wastes) and non-hazardous (eg. packaging) and all regulatory requirements to be followed (classification, record keeping, filing of forms).

  • Management of resources

Requirements for permission, table limits and control of the discharges.

  • Contaminated land

Obligations related to the presence of contaminated lands, communication procedures and safety measures, information on investigation techniques (site characterization) and remediation techniques.

  • Sound emissions

Indication of the main procedures regarding sound emissions permitted by the external environment, the check  method and the different ways of  elimination of the sound emissions.

  • Integrated environmental authorization

Identification of the submitted activities, information regarding the procedure for the granting of integrated environmental authorization (AIA).

  • Fire prevention

Basic principles for fire prevention, identification of the activities subjected to prior checking by the Fire Department, the classification of flammable products.


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