Dollmar Group offers a vast range of chemical products derived from selected and controlled producers.

Dollmar Lab develops solvent products, both chlorinated and non-chlorinated, which assure a high quality in degreasing and cleaning and are particularly recommended for components of the mechanical processes.

imagesThese product families have a positive effect on different material types, including not only metals but also plastics, rubber, soles.

Chlorinated solvents (that contain perchloroethylene) are traditionally used in Dollmar Meccanica closed circuit plants for final washing and are ideal to remove oily contaminants and shavings.

Non-chlorinated solvents
(composed by hydrocarbons and modified alcohols) are characterized by low environmental impact and can be used in DM Evolution and DM Logica Multisolvent plants.

Dollmar Spa develops and produces also water-based detergents that are used in washing plants and in pre-treatment equipments.

Detergent products are formulated according to the treated material and to the different cleaning needs. Dollmar Meccanica projects and builds all the range of open and closed cycle washing plants.

The study of specific surface treatment products has generated a vast range of solutions for the different needs of painting pre-treatment and washing: