Dollmar Group, through Oxipol company, distributes epoxy resins and hardeners

The resins, in their various forms, are widely used in the flooring sector, in the coating sector, in typical civil engineering processes and industrial protective coatings, in adhesives and composites.
Dollmar Group distributes mainly:

  • Liquid epoxy resins,
  • Solid epoxy resins,
  • Flame retardant epoxy resins,
  • Water epoxy resins.

The epoxy resins are usually used in combination with specific hardeners that allow them to form cross-linked, thermosetting compounds, with exceptional mechanical, chemical and electrical level of performance. The choice of the type of resin and type of hardener therefore becomes the necessary step in order to achieve high performance of use.

The hardeners are products belonging to the following families:

  • polyamide hardeners, due to their hydrophobic nature and the ease of adhesion to surfaces, are used with resins suitable especially for the sectors of coatings and adhesives;
  • epoxy resins with amine hardeners, characterized by a low viscosity and a good impregnation, are employed in particular in the following sectors: adhesives, paints, floorings, cements;
  • among the hardeners of amine type are distinguished cycloaliphatic hardeners, which are
    characterized by good chemical and mechanical resistance and are intended for the flooring, coatings and sealants;
  • water hardener, highly protective, is primarily intended for the coatings industry.

The service is completed with chemical support and the development of custom formulations for the application requirements of each customer.

Dollmar S.p.A. is able to offer an increasingly wide range of chemical products aimed at different sectors, such as construction, security, and industrial engineering, taking care not only of storage and transport, but supporting the customer with a complete service chemical assistance and custom product development for the application requirements of each customer.

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