Dollmar and the industrial painting

Due to the increasing demand for higher quality standards in the field of industrial coating, Dollmar, through FINEP has realized specific personalized coating equipment for the individual needs of their clients. Thanks to its decades of experience in the field of surface treatments, Dollmar now produces and commercializes painting products and equipment as well as pre-treatment equipment and the consequent drying of applied paints.

The Dollmar product division which deals with painting pre-treatments is able to supply updated solutions through the use of innovative Dollcoat products line, deriving from the application of nanotechnologies to painting. Dollcoat line valorise the quality of the pre-treatment and consequently of the finished product. Furthermore, these products have enabled important firms working in the field to obtain great economical, environmental and fiscal benefits for example fiscal exoneration for the instalment of new equipment thanks to the use of Dollmar nanotechnologies.

Dollmar Group studies and realizes important solutions for pre-treatment, painting and drying through:

  • completely automatic equipment for detail painting in series and for finishing treatment of large articles 
  • phosphocleaning and continuous, step and discontinuous spray painting equipment 
  • phosphocleaning and continuous, step and discontinuous painting equipment via
    application of powders, electrostatics and immersion
  • pressurized cabins and extractor grills complete with flattening towers 
  • continuous, step and static drying ovens.