C.I.A.T. (Commercio Infiammabili e Affini Torino) was founded in 1935 as a society operating mainly in the lubricant field then branching out into the commercializing of raw materials, industrial solvents and diluents.

In 2001 the firm became part of the Dollmar Group, gaining significant scale economy and productive synergy able to constantly improve Customer service.

The range of C.I.A.T. chemical products has amplified in time with the creation of:

  • a line dedicated to surface treatment (metal and plastic materials),
  • products with a high technical content such as low environmental impact solvent
  • auxiliary products destined to rubber and derivates manufacture.

The competence, elasticity of the structure and logistic support of the Dollmar Group allow C.I.A.T. to research and propose personalized solutions to their clients’ problems and provide also a high-level guarantee.

The primary aims of the company consist, in fact, in the complete satisfaction of the clientele and the constant improving of the effectiveness of the processes, quality of the products and services offered.

C.I.A.T. Customer service works at 360° and stretches to waste organization and regeneration or disposal of dangerous and non-dangerous waste.

C.I.A.T. S.p.A. has been working for many decades all over the national territory in the automotive field both directly or via partnership relationships with leading paint producers, always with the prospect of a human scale chemistry and respecting and protecting the environment.