Dollmar, the exclusive distributor of MotulTech, offers a complete line of lubricants dedicated to the heat treatment of metals.

The heat treatment gives the alloys used specific mechanical properties suitable to meet the machining needs. MotulTech, a member of the A3ST (Heat Treatment Association), has a range of products that cover all applications, from cold tempering, induction, vacuum, to hot hardening at 250 ┬░ C.

The Thermic line products can be used on different types of materials and in different industrial sectors. With a high level of efficiency, the Thermic range offers many advantages such as:

  • High thermal stability
  • Power of constant hardening
  • Usable in any type of oven
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • They do not leave deposits on the pieces
  • Optimized fluidity

Tempering oils of the Thermic line are classified according to the cooling rate and the operating temperature.

Our technical sales specialists are available to provide you with the best solution for every type of industry, application and treatment needs.

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