Chemicals for textile and leather industries

Dollmar SpA owns a wide range of chemicals that are auxiliary for textile and artificial leather industries. Alcohols, acetates, phthalates, acetone, glycols, polymers and chemical polyurethane-based compounds are used for production of finished products in textile market.

Our chemicals will be bound on different material typology: from the simplest hides and skins, to the synthetic and artificial fibers. The textile preparation is diversified on the following process phases:

  • Dyeing, through the use of dyes on textile fibers;
  • Technical coating for textiles through polyurethane, polymeric solutions and resins; between them it’s included the resin coating that appear as the the most relevant, having wide application on sporty clothes.
  • Textile finishing, both functional and traditional, through printing processes, embossing, bonding or the usual resin coating, the so-called “wrinkle free”.

ausiliari tessiliTo implement these processes, our customers evolve themselves, respecting the frequent sectorial innovations of fashion and internal and external furniture.

All these sectors are enclosed in the so-called fashion coating, application field where frequent studies are conducted on employed cloths. These last ones have to be in fact fitted with specific characteristics. Besides the comfort, the items of clothing have to be breathable and environmentally friendly, considering the direct skin contact. Another constant to take into account regards the durability of fabrics or synthetic leather that are used to cover luxurious sofas or automotive interiors.

The use, since the beginning, of raw materials that are appropriate and compliant with this kind of application is so essential. The supply control is the first step as well as the principal choice, on which the costumer focuses its attention. 

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