Code of conduct

The reputation of the Dollmar Group, built up over these years of activity, is based not only besides the quality of its marketed products and service, but also on its ability to respect absolute ethical values codified by laws, regulations and codes of conduct.

For this purpose, Dollmar S.p.A. has adopted its own Code of Ethics with the aim of identifying and defining in a clear and exhaustive way the set of values, fundamental principles and behavioral norms that constitute the indispensable prerequisite for the proper performance of the company’s activities

Dollmar Spa through its Code of Ethics has therefore intended:

  • Define and explicate values and principles that shape the personal activity and the rapport with corporate bodies, personnel and in general those who cooperate with the company or have rapport with it, i.e. collaborators, suppliers, institutions and general third parties;
  • Formalize its own commitment to behave with integrity, loyalty and honesty;
  • Indicate the collaborators the principles of conduct, the values and the responsibilities, which are fundamental to accomplishing its own activity.

Moreover, the company intends to inspire the behaviors to the integrity, value that has not exclusively moral value, but also assumes fundamental importance guaranteeing the same business continuity of action; in accordance with the dispositions of the Legislative Decree 231/01. For this reason it has developed its 231 Model.

To this purpose, Dollmar S.p.A.:

  • Adopts with transparency and respects the behavioral models inspired to autonomy, moral integrity and professional rigor developing coherent actions;
  • Observes the applicable regulations at community, national, regional and local level;
  • Respects the legitimate interests of customers, suppliers, personnel and third-party collaborators;
  • Complies with the principles contained in this Code of Ethics.

Dollmar pays particular attention to the enhancement and safeguarding of the ethical profiles of its business activities. In fact, is considers the concept of integrity as a central value of one’s culture and behavior.


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