Corporate policy

For safety and health at work, prevention of major accidents, environment, security and development of training courses

Dollmar S.p.A. works in the chemical sector and is fully aware that health, safety and environment are central issues for every company working in this field.

For this purpose, it adheres to the voluntary Responsible Care program, which aims to communicate the sense of responsibility and the attention dedicated to health, safety and environment.

Therefore, Dollmar adheres to the principles of transparency and compliance with all laws and regulations with a view to continuously improving its management capacity and preventing risks related to its activity.

In addition, it adopts the principles of Product Stewardship, inherent in the entire life cycle of products. It therefore undertakes to inform customers about compliance with current regulations, the registration and specifications of the substances supplied as well as the correct disposal of the same.

Dollmar has implemented and constantly commits itself to maintain a Workplace Health and Safety Management and Major Accidents Prevention System (SGS).

This is arranged through periodic checks, identification of possible dangers, and emergency planning aimed at prompt and effective response in the event of accidents.

Dollmar SpA aims to:

  • reduce the number of accidents,
  • to provide continuous training to its employees for risk prevention, 
  • to maintain an efficient and timely emergency management system.

The periodic analysis (on annual basis) regarding the achievement status of the objectives, that is summarized in a management review report, leads to the definition and to the periodic update of the improvement plan, to which the entire safety management system is inspired.

Dollmar adopts its corporate policy with a view to improving results, in terms of product quality, organizational results and economic development; all in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and occupational health and safety protection.

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