Carbodoll S.r.l., a reality of significant prominence and prestige among Italian chemical firms, has been operating since the early fifties in the field of carburetant and industrial solvent distribution.

It’s structure includes many branches of activity among which the industrial sector (raw materials, solvents and similar), those dedicated to the competitions (carburetants and oils) and that of consumption materials (chemical products for building maintenance and restoration).

The headquarters of Carbodoll is in Peschiera Borromeo (MI), near Linate airport, where the firm occupies an area of 15,000 m3 of which 2,000 are built upon.

It is in this area that Carbodoll has its offices, a laboratory for testing and analysis, warehouses, storehouses and stocking tanks for over 4,500 m3.

In the seventies the firm expanded its aims and now numerates among its most important clients the Amministrazione Difesa (Defence Administration). Among the military bodies, Carbodoll enumerates the Frecce Tricolari, the pride of our Air Force.

The collaboration with the Air force continues to today and gives body to the Carbodoll Divisione Difesa which operates in specific areas such as:

  • supply to aeronautic firms such as Agusta and Aermacchi
  • supplying and collaborating in programmes realized by military and paramilitary operators such as the Air force, the Navy, the Army, the Police Force, Fire Fighters and the State Forestry Body.

The areas of intervention of Carbodoll Divisione Difesa are amply diversified and permit operation in the following areas:

  • AGE – Aircraft Ground Equipment
  • Field mobility, Logistics
  • Rapid consumption products
  • Metal working
  • Special equipment
  • Accident prevention dpi.

Carbodoll is an important storing and logistics centre of the Dollmar Group.