Dollcoat SA

Dollmar laboratory has experimented with the application of nanotechnologies to industrial coatings, always taking into account the needs and the reality of every varnisher’s work. Thanks to the studies and experience in the field, Dollmar has formulated several nanotechnology products for surface conversion. Here is the Dollcoat SA line: Dollcoat SA 115 A nanotechnical passivating […]

Cosmetics field

Dollmar offers a wide range of chemicals dedicated to the cosmetic sector. The company is an important point of reference for the research of new products and services. Thanks to the strong partnerships with the main producers, it offers a full range of: Fine chemical products Specialized formulations Through its wide and perfectly equipped warehouses, […]

Industrial and civil cleaning

Dollmar SpA supplies high quality chemicals to companies operating in industrial and civil detergents. In particular, Dollmar provides manufacturers of professional cleaning detergents for the automotive, bodybuilding, industrial and construction sectors, but also for civilian use. Among the most commonly used chemicals include specific detergents with degreasing, disinfecting, deoxidizing and hygienic actions. All of our […]

Electronics sector

Dollmar SpA supplies chemicals to companies operating in the electronics industry, which are involved in the production of: Electronic components such as printed circuit boards and circuits, generators, connectors, microchips; Electromechanical components, such as dedicated units, silicon wafer, solenoid valves, motors; Electrical components such as cables, wires and conductive metal plating; Large-scale electrical machines such […]

Polyurethane production and processing

Range of products for polyurethane processing Polyurethanes come from the family of polymers and can be expanded, flexible, flame retardant, etc. Depending on the type of treatment they will be processed by casting or molding. Dollmar Spa provides companies that deal with the processing of polyurethanes, silicates and polymers. It has a full line of […]

Building and construction field

Chemicals for building and construction field The growth of the building market has permitted to the related chemical industry for building to develop even more, obtaining excellent results thanks to continual investments on research and development process conducted by the biggest international companies. For this reason, we have conformed to the standard requested by the […]

Textile auxiliaries and artificial letters

Chemicals for textile and leather industries Dollmar SpA owns a wide range of chemicals that are auxiliary for textile and artificial leather industries. Alcohols, acetates, phthalates, acetone, glycols, polymers and chemical polyurethane-based compounds are used for production of finished products in textile market. Our chemicals will be bound on different material typology: from the simplest […]

Paints and varnishes

Dollmar supplies chemical products dedicated to the painting and varnish field. Through its dedicated range, Dollmar SpA supplies some of the most important companies in the world of paints and varnishes. The chemical products supplied, such as additives, polymers, resins, solvents and plasticizers, are indispensable for this kind of production that can extend to the […]

Adhesives and Sealants

Dollmar SpA supplies chemical products to manufacturers of classic, industrial, reactive and sealing adhesives. Adhesive and sealant systems are produced using water-based, solvent-based and non-water based compounds, and have the purpose of “gluing” parts made from different materials, more specifically of metal, plastic (PVC) and elastomeric composition. Dollmar works in full respect of the environment […]


Chemicals for inks industry The ink is a liquid or semi-liquid material that is applied in various industrial markets, from serigraph printing to printed circuit boards. The physical status of this product can be water-based or solvent-based. During the last years, the use of eco-solvents is always more widespread. This is due to the diffusion […]