From the brilliant idea of three businessmen Dollmar S.p.A. was created in 1947 for the distribution of chlorinated solvents and chemical products for the mechanical industry.


Because of the necessity to store growing quantities of various chemical products, deposits with underground tanks were built with a maximum capacity of 3800 m3.
Apart from chlorinated solvents, groups of other solvents: aromatics, alcohols, ketones and acetates were introduced into 74 of these tanks.


Apart from these solvents and due to requests from numerous paint, ink and adhesive industries Dollmar began to produce paint diluents from a careful mixing of various solvents. The firm also began packing its products into small containers and distributing them to shops (paint shops, car repairing shops, ironmongers, DIY shops etc.).


The farsightedness of the firm led to investments in research and development regarding both new, low-impact solvents and new formulations and paints for industrial painting.


Given the growing sales in chemical products, Dollmar obtained representation from European and world producers and became the ideal commercial partner for penetration into the Italian market for important international figures.


Continuing its experience, Dollmar began to produce cleaning equipment which was compatible with its marketed products. Dollmar developed closed-cycle equipment with continuous distillation which flattened gaseous and solid polluting elements, thus reducing the machining sludge and showing great attention towards environmental issues. Its combined experience in chemical and mechanical fields allowed Dollmar to develop innovative processes in the industrial and metal cleaning fields.


Dollmar moved to Caleppio di Settala (Mi) thus abandoning the old building which had become too small for the working volume. Two operative structures were created:

1. an area dedicated to the deposit of chemical products and mixtures with storage capacity of 7.700m3 approx.

2. an area for the production of a line of aqueous detergents, thus integrating the offer of the traditional chemicals towards products in aqueous solutions which were increasingly required by the market.

The decade is characterised by the development of partnerships with other industrial cleaning plants and by the participation in FINEP – a firm dedicated to aqueous treatments and industrial cleaning with specific detergents to the following industrial painting.

In the following years new companies were born for the distribution of chemical products in new segments of the market such as polyurethane resins (CPR) and epoxy resins (OXIPOL).


Dollmar acquired EOS, a company able to supply complementary services more and more frequently requested such as chemical and mechanical assistance and environmental consultancy.


This work group, added to the already existing structures, demonstrated the “integrated” approach that Dollmar intends to pursue so as to offer its clientele improved safety, reliability and a serious approach to industrial problems living up to its slogan “Chemistry and Responsibility”.