Dollmar approaches the market with a spirit of continuous improvement, and does so also through collaboration with its customers, with whom it acts not as a mere supplier but as a true partner, in order to achieve the best results.

Mario De Cenzo, the sales director of the Mechanical Division, tells us about Dollmar’s activities and in particular the range of products dedicated to the mechanical sector, in an interview published by Tecn’è magazine.

Responsible choice

Dollmar proposes to the market a wide variety of metalworking products, born from the competence acquired in 70 years of experience in the field of chemistry.

Experience that combines a continuous listening to the needs of its clients with internal research and development that is able to develop new products according to their needs. Today, in fact, the group’s mechanical division focuses on increasingly green solutions that guarantee the same process performance.

As Mario de Cenzo explains, what differentiates Dollmar on the market is a conscious sale, the result of a study of the operating conditions of its clients, in order to best resolve any problems encountered.

Complete management, from product to service

De Cenzo continues:” Dollmar has expanded its offer by adding to the products a range of services useful for their proper management. Within the group there is in fact a company dedicated to the management of the work environment and consultancy for authorisations and administrative practices, controls for emissions and noise, electromagnetic fields. Relying on Dollmar means benefiting from the advantage of choosing a referent specialised in the chemical field with high regulatory competence”.

One stop shop

“I think it’s more important to build a real partnership with the customer and not just be a supplier of chemicals. In this way you can get the best results, something that should not be overlooked given the complex times that the manufacturing world is going through and where every detail can make a difference.”

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