Il processo completo per il pretrattamento
delle superfici metalliche.
Soluzioni nanotecnologiche, sistemi applicativi e metodi di controllo.

In the field of surface treatment, Dollmar S.p.A. produces nanotechnological products for metal pretreatment.


What is the purpose of nanotechnological products?

Below you can find the advantages regarding the usage of nano products for the treatment of metal surfaces before coating. More precisely, they:

  • Slow down the process of oxidation-corrosion over metals
  • Substitute the surface conversion with iron phosphate and zinc, increasing substantially the resistance against chemical corrosion
  • Improve adhesion of the paints
  • Have an excellent compatibility with cataphoresis processes

Thanks to its own internal laboratory, Dollmar S.p.A. has developed Dollcoat SA® nanotechnological product line for nanotechnological pretreatment of different metal typologies, from iron to zinc, from steel to brass.

Dollcoat SA® line permits to obtain excellent results on the treated pieces thanks to its absolute versatility and adaptability to the customer’s needs. This has been applied to the production processes to our customers with excellent results and has also obtained quality certifications from some important national institutes.

The products of Dollcoat SA®  line are Qualicoat homologated because they comply with the specifications of coating pretreatment.

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