Dollmar supplies chemical products dedicated to the painting and varnish field.

Through its dedicated range, Dollmar SpA supplies some of the most important companies in the world of paints and varnishes.

The chemical products supplied, such as additives, polymers, resins, solvents and plasticizers, are indispensable for this kind of production that can extend to the special preparation of dyes, lacquers, colors and enamels for a variety of industrial applications.

Depending on the type of material treated, it is necessary to point to precise characteristics of good coverage and strength. Attention should also be paid to the formation of corrosion, an electrochemical phenomenon that could occur mainly on metals (ferrous and non-ferrous).

Thanks to our know-how, we are ready to satisfy every demand, especially in the areas of professional construction and painting of heavy vehicles, such as boats, ships, aircraft, cars and other means of transport. Our technicians will be happy to help you and give the right suport to make the best choice for custom products.

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