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Dollmar S.p.A. works in the chemical sector and is fully aware that health, safety and environment are central issues for every company working in this field. For this purpose, it adheres to the voluntary Responsible Care program, with the aim to communicate to the public (employees, customers, suppliers, local administrators and citizens) the sense of responsibility and the attention dedicated to issues related to health, safety and environment.

Dollmar S.p.A. intends to comply with the following criteria, which also recall the guiding principles of Responsible Care:

– Respect all the mandatory laws and regulations, requirements or supervisory provisions and other type of control;
– Be forthcoming in an open and transparent dialogue with public authorities;
– Continuously improve the management capacities and the risk prevention connected with the business activities;
– Require all the people that, for various reasons, visit our plant to be in compliance with the prohibitions on the use of alcohol and drugs;
– Raise personnel awareness of the individual responsibilities and of the need to respect its own competence rules;
– Make copy of the present policy available to all the personnel and ensure that it is understood and accepted at all levels;
– Transmit copy of the present policy to all external parts that submit a specific request.

In addition, Dollmar S.p.A. adopts the principles of “Product Stewardship” relating to the entire life cycle of products. In cooperation with the producers, it commits itself to transfer information to customers related to: compliance with the applicable rules, registration of supplied substances, correct classification for labelling and packaging, procedures for handling/storage/transportation, MSDSs, use and correct disposal of products and packaging, new developments and/or advised uses.

Since 2006, Dollmar plant situated in Caleppio di Settala (MI) falls the scope of the legislation related the major accidents hazards; the last legislative update in this regard coincides with the Directive 2012/18/EU (Legislative Decree No. 105/2015). Therefore, Dollmar has implemented and constantly commits itself to maintain a Workplace Health and Safety Management and Major Accidents Prevention System, consisting in the following fundamental elements:

a) Organization and personnel;
b) Hazard identification of workers’ health and safety, including the relevant hazards and the subsequent risk assessment;
c) Operational control;
d) Design modifications;
e) Planning for emergencies, aimed at a prompt and effective intervention in case of accident;
f) Performance control, carried out through specific monitoring to be measured against the predefined objectives, with regard to risk prevention;
g) Periodic inspection of achievement status of the objectives, annual review of the management system, with related identification of strengths and weaknesses in a perspective of continuous improvement.

Dollmar S.p.A. identifies the following challenges (among which the last three specifically related to the major accident hazard):
– Continuous improvement of the accident indices (frequency rate and severity rate);
– Reduction in the number of accidents (No. of accidents in plant / total goods handled);
– Maintenance of an adequate number of hours dedicated to education and training relative to risk prevention (referred to the total annual number of hours worked), with particularly reference to the registration of the training effectiveness;
– Continuous improvement of emergency management, forecasting an adequate number of practical exercises that take into account the incident scenarios envisaged in the technical assessment form;
– Reduction of the total amount of waste produced (dangerous and not) referred to the total outbound volume (dangerous waste in tons*1000/ tons distributed);
– Emergency response time;
– Number of critical equipment controls which have been unsuccessful compared to the total number of executed controls;
– Number of training hours on the major accident hazards compared to the total number of safety training hours.

The periodic analysis (on annual basis) regarding the achievement status of the objectives, that is summarized in a management review report, leads to the definition and to the periodic update of the improvement plan, to which the entire safety management system is inspired.

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