BCI Polyurethane Europe is a System House specialized in development and production of suitable formulations for the realization of various types of polyurethanes, with particular relevance to the field of polyurethane rigid foams.
BCI Polyurethane Europe works so starting from raw materials through the development and use of production technologies and applications related to the field of polyurethanes.

The BCI Polyurethane Europe plant, located in Vedano Olona (VA), has extensive laboratories and a modern production facility supported by an adeguate range of tanks for the storage of raw materials and finished products.
BCI Polyurethane Europe ranks among the most notable application areas and is able to ensure continuity of its supplies and the achievement of significant technological successes, thanks to a strong alliance with some major producers of raw materials.

The objective constantly pursued by the company is to combine expertise and reliability of technical and commercial services with an efficient and prompt service of production and delivery. The attention to changing application technologies and production allows BCI Polyurethane Europe to satisfy even the most demanding customers on time.

For further information please contact the number +39 02.9509611 or info@dollmar.com.