In the field of surface treatment, Dollmar S.p.A. produces nanotechnology products for metallic pre-treatment.

What are nanotechnology products?

Below are the advantages of using nano products for the treatment of metallic surfaces prior to painting:

  • Slow down the oxidation-corrosion process of metals
  • Replace surface conversion with iron and zinc phosphate and significantly increase chemical resistance to corrosion
  • Improve adhesion of paints
  • Have excellent compatibility with cataphoresis processes

Nanotechnology processes are applied in all industrial realities. The main areas of application are the following:

  • Industrial painting
  • Passivation chrome free for HDG
  • Automotive 
  • Agricultural engines
  • Domestic appliances
  • Profiles
  • Furniture elements

Dollmar Spa, thanks to its own laboratory, has developed the Dollcoat SA® nanotechnology product line for nanotechnological pre-treatment of various types of metals, from iron to zinc, from steel to brass.

The Dollcoat SA® line allows you to achieve outstanding results on the treated parts thanks to its versatility and adaptability to the needs of the customer. It has been applied to the production processes of our customers with excellent results and has been awarded quality certifications by some major national institutes.

The products of the Dollcoat SA® line are Qualicoat approved as they comply with the pre-treatment varnishing specifications.