Responsible CareDollmar adheres to Responsible Care, a voluntary Programme of worldwide industrial chemistry based on the realization of principles and behaviours regarding the Safety and Health of Employees and the Protection of the Environment.

The Responsible Care Programme is an initiative of producers and distributors of chemical products with which they wish to promote and realize a system of continual improvement in the area of safety and health of employees, clients, suppliers ad general public as well as the safeguarding of the environment.

The Responsible Care Programme involves all company activities in four main areas:

1) Health and Safety of employees. Responsible Care assures the protection of employees with an integrated approach which includes:

  • work organization
  • safety management
  • health protection from risky substances

2) Protection of the environment:

  • acts “pro-actively” to satisfy defined environmental standards
  • uses products and processes which are eco-compatible with adequate environmental management systems and efficacious reductive projects for emissions and waste.

3) Process safety. Responsible care works in a preventive, systematic and thorough way regarding safety aspects.

4) Product Stewardship. The Responsible Management of the Product strives to assure respect of safety, health and environment, for all its lifecycle: from the project to the possible waste disposal.

Those who adhere to the Responsible Care Programme responsibly pledge to observe those guide principles prefixed by the programme.

The eight guide Principles of the Responsible Care Programme:

1) Law and regulation obligations
To define and apply behaviour models and operate according to the best industrial practices in full observance of the legislative provisions.

2) Company politics and documentation
To document the company’s behaviour regarding Health, Safety, Environment for all its activities and to assure that the Responsible Care Programme is clearly perceived as an integral part of the company’s politics.

3) Risk Management
To assure that its activities are carried out at an adequate level of safety for employees, suppliers, clients, public and to safeguard the environment.

4) Emergency Management
To organize and keep active an adequate system of emergency management.

5) Information
To supply adequate information regarding Health, Safety and Environment for products and activities towards employees, suppliers, clients, authorities and public.

6) Formation and training
To continually supply adequate formation and training for all personnel so as to obtain optimum involvement and commitment in achieving prefixed targets.

7) Continual improvement
To favour participation in those initiatives that could improve the quality of company activities and strengthen the knowledge and awareness regarding Health, Safety and Environment, striving to continuously improve personal performance.

8) Interaction with the community
To be sensitive towards the needs of the local community and to be aware of the consequences of activities carried out.

Responsible Care Programme
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