Prometeus line created by Dollmar Meccanica consists of modules of nebulization designed to optimize the application of nanotechnology products (DOLLCOAT SA) in all of the processes of pre-coating surface treatment.

PROMETEUS modules can be included in both existing and new plants with installation time not longer than 48 hours and they require limited space.

The main advantages are:

  • Nanotechnological solution cannot be polluted in any way
  • Pretreatment quality is always constant
  • Consumption of the nanotechnological products are drastically reduced
  • Effluents are reduced to a few tens of liters per day with a further decrease in the cost of the process
  • The module is able to manage more conversion products also of different nature

All the modules that compose Prometeus line are equipped with special electronic instrumentation that ensures a constant and accurate process control.

The nanotechnological conversion solutions are produced automatically by the module using dosing pumps and a mixer managed by the process software.

The operator is thus reduced only to the replacement of the drum containing the nanotechnological product.

If the solution used does not respect the process parameters set, the module reports immediately the anomaly through visual and audible alarms, coming to stop the operation in serious cases.

The setting and control of the process parameters takes place through a PLC equipped with a color touchscreen, interfaced with the pre-treatment plant preexisting and with the conveyor plane.

All modules use special nozzles in stainless steel, suitable to the use of acid or alkaline products and able to make unnecessary any maintenance activities.

PROMETEUS modules can be used in several fields:

  • Coating
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • Pre-cataphoresis
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Coil coating

PROMETEUS line offers 3 different solutions:

  • PROMETEUS: It is the most complete module, that in a single, compact structure, brings together the production, testing and application of a preliminary rinse with osmotic water and solution with nanotechnological products (Dollcoat SA line). 
  • PROMETEUS nano: module designed for the production, control and application only of the nanotechnological solution with the Dollcoat SA products. It is made of the central unit in which the solution is prepared and controlled even in cases where the waste should be reused. 
  • PROMETEUS demi: module designed for the production and management of osmotic water necessary for the process of  nanotechnology conversion (preliminary rinse and production of the nanotechnological solution).

It is made by the central control unit and the reverse osmosis group.

The modules are supplied with the ramps of nozzles installed inside the tunnel and, if necessary, with the automatic counter for the recovery and the renewal of rinse water in accordance with the parameters of the process set.

The PROMETEUS line is completed with:

  • automatic systems for process control, dosing of chemicals, control of pH, conductivity
  • auxiliary systems for vapors containment inside the pre-treatment tunnel
  • opportunity to provide any sections of tunnel that may be necessary for the installation of PROMETEUS modules

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