Chemicals for building and construction field

The growth of the building market has permitted to the related chemical industry for building to develop even more, obtaining excellent results thanks to continual investments on research and development process conducted by the biggest international companies.

For this reason, we have conformed to the standard requested by the demand, improving our product range dedicated to this industry and the subsequent performance related to the building systems of the civil engineering.

More precisely, we have focused on the improvement of the principal materials used in the sectors of road infrastructures and of industrial flooring.

In the first category, there is the production of cement, concrete, cement mortars and compounds for asphalt. This production is improved thanks to the generic chemical products such as raw materials, plasticizers, additives, emulsifiers, polymers, resins, hardeners, (glycols, ester alcohols). Our products guarantee quality and safety and are used in building sites and for restoration

The team of Dollmar group has also dedicated itself to a specific division related to the epoxy resin flooring for big industrial plants, also those for pharmaceutical and chemical companies where antibacterial proprieties, high impermeability and an easy cleaning are necessary.

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