Dollmar SpA supplies chemicals to companies operating in the electronics industry, which are involved in the production of:
  • Electronic components such as printed circuit boards and circuits, generators, connectors, microchips;
  • Electromechanical components, such as dedicated units, silicon wafer, solenoid valves, motors;
  • Electrical components such as cables, wires and conductive metal plating;
  • Large-scale electrical machines such as transformers, and computer equipment such as terminals, measuring instruments, sensors, capacitors and electronic devices.
  • The chemicals that are used in electronic processing for this production are of high quality and are controlled in every detail since they will be installed in hostile and disparate climates.

Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methylethylketone (MEK), Solvents and Related Stabilizers, Sverdil and Leksol Line, Blends of Detergent Products, Reagents, and Other Solvents are supplied by Dollmar as washing agents to degrease and remove excesses of oils, resins and various encrustations that form on the surface of the finished electronic product. These products can be used in ultrasonic cleaning systems specially designed for this sector.

For the “conformal coating” or “tropicalization” process, specific epoxy resins and hardeners are used to encapsulate, conceal and isolate electrical and electronic circuits. This material has the ability to donate features of dielectricity, heat resistance, versatility, dust, moisture and other contaminants.

The Eos Division of the Dollmar Group supports through the use of environmentally friendly and workplace safety advisory services companies using our products to pay close attention to VOC emissions.

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