Tajmac chooses Dollmar for its lubrication plan

Tajmac-MTM was born in 1944 as a small machine tool repair company. Over the years it has specialized in the distribution of automatic lathes of Czechoslovakian origin to become today a large industrial group. Currently Tajmac designs and manufactures multi-spindle automatic lathes, turning centers and CNC sliding head automatic lathes. It has several production and distribution offices around the world, including the Cinisello Balsamo headquarters, where, in addition to consulting and commercial activities, prototype components are developed and machine tools for the Italian market are tested.

The meeting with Dollmar

For Tajmac, the subject of lubrication and cooling has always represented an important phase in the machining of parts. The various lubricants used on the machines did not always give the desired results, so the company decided to try new coolant solutions. Through the collaboration with Dollmar, Tajmac began testing with Motultech lubricants. The Safkool 6420, with a low oil content, represented the turning point of this synergistic collaboration.

The solution

The Dollmar technicians, to ensure an optimal result on all the machines and for all the materials used by Tajmac, have performed a tailoring work on the product, balancing various parameters and varying the percentages of the coolant. This has allowed Tajmac to have a unique product that is perfectly suited to the various processing needs, with high technological performance and with particular attention to operators and the environment. Indeed, Safkool 6420 is free of harmful substances, has excellent cooling and lubrication properties, excellent stability during use and good anti-wear ability.

Dollmar's satisfaction is to allow its customers to always obtain the best results for their work processes. For this reason we are constantly looking for new technological solutions, raw materials of excellent quality that are non-harmful to the environment and multi-purpose.

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